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By WOWIPOP Wellness Team

Drink Plants

We know that many medications have started out as plants. We consume plant-based foods, grains, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and legumes, to name a few. Those foods, prepared in the right way, are nourishing, vitamin-packed, and downright delicious. The joys that we have when eating these illustrious plants are tenfold when they are working to heal our bodies. We have learned that you can get fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants from our plant allies. The gifts of medicine to the body are insurmountable when considering plants.

Plants can provide medicine from their roots, stems, leaves, flowers, nectar and bark. Where do we start? It depends on the plant that you have in front of you. For example, celery has been known for many benefits. Celery is not just the food that you snack on when you are trying to lose pounds, it is also a great base for soup broths. Celery has fiber and is rich in vitamins. It also contains a molecule, n-butylphthalide, that can be beneficial in supporting blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. There are so many benefits to plants, that we can go
on for days.

However, the big question is, how do I consume them all? Eating is always a great way to bring more plants into your life. Cooked or raw, you can’t go wrong. Plant medicines can show up as liquid tinctures or capsules, that can be taken daily, if needed. This is a good method when you need higher dosages. You can have a beverage that chills you out while balancing your stress levels or a drink that soothes your mind while elevating your mood.

How does this occur? Combining the right amount of plants in a harmonizing blend that works two-fold to calm you and restore you, is a great start. Mixing plants can increase their benefits and encourage healing more holistically. When it comes to plant medicine, you must find the best method for you and consider experimenting with new ones. They are our oldest form of medicine, after all.


Written by Jamila Owens-Todd

Naturopathic Doctor/Consultant