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By WOWIPOP Wellness Team

WOWIPOP as an alcohol replacement

It is no secret that alcohol can increase anxiety, depression, and insomnia, along with other health concerns. As we imbibe on fruity vodka cocktails or dry reds, we experience many things. Some of us consume alcohol for the taste, while others may consume it for the deep sedative action. All of us, who may consume alcohol, have to be mindful of its negative effects on mood, sleep, and our livers. The after-effects of alcohol can vary, but relaxation is the goal.

While we seek the deep calm that alcohol can provide, some have a rebound anxiety, insomnia, increased irritation, or angst, in addition to the inhospitable hangovers, from overconsuming. Many of us are seeking sobriety, for numerous reasons. Whether that sobriety is for a lifetime
or for one month to feel more balanced; infusing the ritual of evening sips or a soothing beverage with dinner, does not have to stop.

WOWIPOP is a solution to your sobriety.

Consume a well-balanced, holistically blended beverage that ignites you in a powerful way that gives you the chill of your best bourbon and the balance of your neatest nightcap. WOWIPOP is full of ingredients that are meant to nourish, heal, and support your body.

Sip comfortably, knowing that you are giving yourself what you truly need...Wellness.


Written by Jamila Owens-Todd

Naturopathic Doctor/Consultant