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By WOWIPOP Wellness Team

2024 Wellness Goals? Let us help you!

What is your Wellness Plan? If you have not considered or created one, don’t fret, we are hereto assist. Our wellness team ponders this question often and we have yet to define this. Why, you may ask? We all have different definitions of what wellness means to us and that is how it should be. Starting a Wellness Plan can include starting a new exercise regimen, increasing fresh fruits and veggies in your meals, meeting with a therapist, starting a new hobby or cutting
out an old habit. A Wellness Plan can be all-encompassing or it can be the simple addition of a Wellness beverage. The most important part is starting it. Finding what you need in the moment can provide insights into your needs of the future. Give yourself the gift of Wellness by just starting.


Written by Jamila Owens-Todd

Naturopathic Doctor/Consultant